Taking Table Sauce to the Next level


5 Years Olds Know Stuff

We were at a market in Dublin recently and as usual, we were offering tastings of our sauces. A very cute 5-year-old girl stuck her finger in our taster of Scotch BBQ. Then she licked it, and licked it, and licked it until he finger was spotless. For a moment she looked confused as to what she should do next. She looked around to see if anyone was watching and she quickly grabbed the bowl and tipped the whole lot into her mouth. Her father looked horrified, but we beamed with pride. 

Jamie Oliver Would Probably Recommend It

You can cook with our sauces. Scotch BBQ on grilled chicken or roast pork, Fiery Chilli on pizza or pasta, Fury Chilli in a curry or chilli sauce, Ketchup on toasted sandwiches or grilled meats. It's all wonderful, and because they are made with fresh fruit and veg they actually give flavour to your food.

It's Better than Heinz

You can also use our sauces on the table. They can be poured over meals, used as dips for finger food, poured onto a burger, or mixed with yoghurt for a beautiful dip for nachos or samosas. 

If You Don't Like it, Wait 3 Months and Try Again

Our sauces mature in the bottle and get better with age. All our sauces have a 12-month shelf life and they are all made with 100% Irish apple cider vinegar for freshness and flavour.