Taking Condiments to the Next Level

Laura and Ruairi

BBQ, BBQ, BBQ. We are obsessed. We love to cook meat, we love the smell of smoke, and we love making the best sauces and rubs in the world.

We have a sauce for every meal, from the spicy tang of Brown Sauce to the fiery hot sticky sweetness of Plum Sauce. We have honey sweetened Tomato Ketchup for burgers, furious Fury for hot wings, deeply flavoured Sweet Chilli for a sugar high, and our famous Scotch BBQ Sauce for the best damn pork or chicken you have ever tasted.

We have dry rubs too, and a selection of other great Irish ingredients such as Oriel Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt, Collar of Gold rapeseed oilBoyne Valley Apple Cider Vinegar (for spritzing), and more.

Our sauces and rubs are simply on the next level. We use real raw cane sugar, Irish apple cider vinegar, and the best fresh Irish vegetable and European chillies. All our spices are ethically sourced and as fresh as can be.

Cooking is about sharing your good taste with family and friends. Don't spend hours knocking up barbecue favourites and then serve them up with crap sauce. Get some quality condiments in your life. Get to the next level. Get GNL.


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Free Postage to UK & Ireland -Tuesday, April 16, 2019
We now change absolutely no postage to the UK & Ireland. The minimum order quantity is €20 but there are no other terms or conditions.
Local Irish Food Products for Sale Online -Saturday, January 5, 2019
We have Kombucha from The Bucha's Dog in Belfast, Cereals and Grain from Felix Cropp in Cavan, Coffee from Koffy in Dundalk/Newry, Smoked Salmon from Sheskin in Monaghan, Biltong also from Monaghan, Dessert Sauces from Down, Jams and Chutneys from Meath, Sea Salt from Louth, and so much more to come.
Christmas Presents -Friday, November 30, 2018
Finding the best Christmas presents for family and friends can be stressful on the run-up to the big day. Luckily, our team of Santa’s Little Helpers have created a range of cracking Christmas gifts for all of your loved ones. So sit back, relax and pick up the snazziest Secret Santa Presents, special Stocking Fillers and delicious Christmas presents for him and for her. Choose your faves and our elves will do the rest!