Restaurant Review: The Pigeon House, Clontarf
A review of brunch in the Pigeon House, Clontarf.
Scotch BBQ Smoked Beef Jerky
The best beef jerky is always homemade. Usually, beef does not like sugar, but jerky in the exception. Scotch BBQ is the best combination of sweet and heat that you can use for making jerky.
Five foods that are better with Scotch BBQ
Scotch BBQ is sweet, sticky, and has a little fire in its belly. Here are our five favourite ways to cook with it.
24 Hour Scotch BBQ Ham
Baked ham has a very different and more intense flavour than boiled ham. When you add our Scotch BBQ sauce into the mix the result is a fantastic smoky spicy ham that is perfect for Christmas Day or a summer picnic.
It's a Wrap Pizza
Here at Great Northern Larder we love a thin based pizza and they don't come much thinner than our favourite quick and easy meal of "wrap pizza". It's basically a wrap treated like a pizza.
Onion Marmalade Bake
This recipe is from Ma Browne. It uses a full jar of our Queen Maeve's Onion Marmalade, and it is a genuine mouth waterer.
East is East Midlands, Mango & Lentil Curry
Neither Ruairi or Laura have never been to India (yet), but way back in 1995 Ruairi moved to Leicester in England at the tender age of 17. It was there that he first discovered the traditions and cookery of India, including curry. How authentic British-Indian curry is, we do not know, but it is certainly authentic to Britain!
Hull's Hot Wings
My good friend Trevor J Hull worked in a bar in NYC many years ago. The chicken wings in that bar are famous all over the world and Trevor made sure to bring the recipe home with him. He has kept it a closely guarded secret until now...
Browne's Sauce Ribs
Who doesn't love pork ribs? If you could do one thing to make them better then try marinading them in the deep flavours of Browne's Sauce.
Dawn and Nick's Wedding Cake
The order for this wedding cake came in April last year when the first whispers of Great Northern Larder were made online. Dawn was invited to like our Facebook page and within minutes we had a message from her…