Browne's Sauce

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Made using Irish Apple Cider Vinegar from the banks of the Boyne River in Co. Louth, our Browne's Sauce is a blend of decadent exotic fruits and spices, Irish apples, and when they are in season Irish plums and Irish garlic. We also add deliciously tangy tamarind, a classic brown sauce ingredient. Browne's Sauce is a bold sauce that compliments bold flavours such as strong cheddar, Irish breakfast sausages, and chunky chips with lots of malt vinegar.

Tasting Notes

Browne’s Sauce is sweetened with apples and a small amount of treacle. It is less sweet than other brown sauces you might be used to but the traditional bitterness you get from a brown sauce is also toned down a lot as the vinegar we use is less tangy than malt or white vinegar. Overall the taste is fruity and deep. Most people taste apples, apple chutney, or simply “Christmas”.

The Story of Browne's Sauce

Browne’s Sauce is called after Mr Browne who invented the recipe for Great Northern Larder. Mr Browne has traditionally been a fan of HP sauce, and will still refuse to say anything bad about it. However, HP is a commercial sauce made to a budget and around here we like our sauces to be premium quality with the best ingredients.

The early recipes for Browne’s Sauce used malt vinegar and stronger spices, but when we changed to apple cider vinegar and more aromatic spices such as mace and cinnamon we found the taste became more rounded and rich. We use more apples than tomatoes to keep the tang and lots of fresh plums and dried dates give the sauce body and texture. Sometimes we use prunes when plums are not available – you can tell as the sauce is an even deeper brown colour, but the flavour is slightly less fruity. Browne’s Sauce is our signature sauce and by far the most difficult to make.

Using Browne's Sauce

Spread liberally on meat sandwiches, cheese, burgers, fried foods, roast beef, and of course chips. Amazing with a full Irish breakfast, and it gives great flavour and colour to stews and casseroles.

Nutritional Information

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 245kJ/57kcal
Fat 0.3g
of which: saturates 0.1g
Carbohydrate 13.8g
of which: sugars 11.0g
Protein 1.0g
Salt 0.1g


Apples, Tomatoes, Plums, Apple Juice, Onions, Cider Vinegar, Tamarind, Dates, Black Treacle (contains naturally occurring sulphites), Garlic, Spices (Mace, Celery Salt, Black Pepper, Mustard, Cloves, Cinnamon)


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