Spice Rub for Roast Chicken

Formulated by Great Northern Larder for chicken and turkey that will be oven roasted, barbecued, grilled, fried, or smoked. A delicious fresh mix of herbs and with a touch of nutmeg for a good depth of flavour.


Our chicken rub is formulated for chicken or turkey and is full of richly flavoured herbs and a little kick of black pepper and nutmeg.

Suitable Meat Cuts

Chicken pieces, whole chicken, chicken breast (add oil), or the same parts of a turkey. This rub can also be used to flavour stuffing or as a flavouring in pork sausages or pork or turkey mince burgers. Add salt to your own taste.

Rubbing Instructions

Pat a generous amount of the rub onto the meat. Do not put your dirty fingers back into the rub! Cook the meat as per the instructions on the packaging or as advised by your butcher.


Sage, Thyme, Marjoram, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Celery Powder, Nutmeg

Allergen: Celery

Net Weight


Serving Suggestion

Eat it however you like, but for a true BBQ experience try our Scotch BBQ sauce with your poultry.

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