Serious bargains to be had while stocks last...

We are moving our online shop stock room to a new building and we don't want to carry all the stock with us! Therefore, we have some very very good bargains on our new temporary "clearance" page.

The minimum order value we will ship for clearance only items is €20. We only have one or two of most of these products left so when they are gone that is that.

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Queen Maeve's Marmalade

A rich and delicious brown onion marmalade that deserves a place on any self-respecting cheeseboard.
€5.50 €1.00

Honey Sweetened Burger Sauce

We confess this is simply our famous Tomato Ketchup, except we accidentally added too much pepper to a batch. If you like a bit of spice it is really amazing and is fantastic mixed with mayo.
From €1.00

Scotch BBQ - Clearance

Scotch BBQ presents us with moral and ethical dilemmas. You see we feel obliged to advise you that there are a number of our customers who are completely and utterly addicted to this condiment. We have heard stories of people on a massive sugar high strung out on Scotch BBQ just repeatedly saying the word "pork". It takes over whole families, starting with middle-aged men who like to BBQ. However, within a week grannies are putting it on their ham, grandkids are dipping their nuggets in it, and the trendy ladies who lunch are pretending to be sticking to Slimming World whilst secretly upending Scotch BBQ onto their prawn sandwiches.
From €2.00

Home Made Preserves & Chutneys

Hilda is a farmer’s daughter, born and raised on a dairy farm where growing the family food was the norm. In between helping with herds, Hilda qualified as an architectural technologist and worked for major corporate clients. With marriage and motherhood, Hilda has returned to her other love - brewing and baking from her Summerhill home. Her cooking has become the award winning artisan food range Hilda’s Homemades. Growing and sourcing local ingredients Hilda devises gorgeous fresh twists to traditional Irish staples- tangy lemon marmalade with beech leaf noyau, delicious lemon & spiced wild elderberry vodka marmalade, damson chutney, aromatic & spiced plum chutney to name just a few. As glazes, dips or appetisers or just all you need for your more modern yummy lunch or afternoon tea, Hilda’s Homemades add rich, quality flavours to any store cupboard.
€5.00 €2.00