Collar of Gold Irish Rapeseed Oil

Fabricant: Collar of Gold
Collar of Gold is the only mild Irish rapeseed oil. Made from virgin oil, from seed grown by Irish farmers, it is 100% natural and high in omegas 3 and 6. This unique Irish kitchen and table oil has a mild taste, a pale golden colour and is suitable for both cold and high temperature uses.

We are huge fans of rapeseed oil here in Great Northern Larder. We use it all the time for frying. It has almost no flavour, but yet it seems to produce better-flavoured foods – in particular, stir-fried vegetables. We also use it to mix with our dry spice rubs for marinating meat, as a salad dressing, and for baking.

Rapeseed oil is high in omegas 3 and 6 and according to most sources it is healthier than olive oil. It also has a higher smoking point so it is much better for cooking with. Collar of Gold is made in Ireland from Irish rapeseed oil. It has a much paler colour than most rapeseed oils. This is because it is made using a slow mechanical cold pressing and only the liquid golden oil from the core of the seed is extracted, leaving behind the bitter outer shell.

Collar of Gold don’t use any intensive heat processes and they don’t use chemical processes and as a consequence the fatty acid chains in Collar of Gold are unbroken and the naturally occurring lecithins are retained. This means it has terrific emulsifying properties, which holds for a much longer time, making it perfect for creating things like mayonnaise and all forms of baked cake batter. The eating quality is far more succulent, and you can very clearly taste the caramelizing of the starches that have been used. It’s only then that it becomes apparent just how much other cheaper oils contribute to an ill or not desired taste.

Collar of Gold is used in all the best restaurants in Dublin including Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud and Chapter One Restaurant, King Sitric in Howth, the Red Bank in Skerries, and Eastern Seaboard in Drogheda.

 Support great Irish food, and give Collar of Gold a try today.

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