Premium Irish Sauce

Irish made sauces including bbq sauce and chilli sauce

Hunger might be the best sauce, but no matter what type of food you like our range of sauces are going to make it taste much better. 

Food Pairings


A fruity traditional brown sauce with a tangy apple flavour.

Goes well with cheese, sausages, bacon, eggs, and on burgers. Can be used to give body and flavour to stews, pies, and slow cooked meals.


A medium chilli sauce that is every cook's favourite.

Use in place of fresh chillies in any recipe. Dip prawns, nachos, crusty bread, chicken dippers, whatever you like into it. Mix with natural yoghurt for a creamy salad dressing or dip.


A medium chilli sauce with a kick of garlic.

Perfect on pizza and pasta. Great on burgers and sandwiches. Superb in a kebab or on chips.


The bad boy of the range. An intensely hot chilli sauce.

For die-hards only, get it on your pizza, make super-hot chicken wings, pour in in curry or chilli, use it to add spice to your bbq.


A very herby and fresh tomato sauce.

Loves eggs, it really is superb on scrambled eggs, on an omelette, or with a full breakfast. It's also so fresh and tasty that you can use it as pasta or pizza sauce and it works amazingly.


A fruity, but very hot chilli sauce.

Fresh plums and lots of very hot chillies make this a sauce for connoisseurs.

Think dark meats, pates, stinky cheeses, or even salads. This sauce has the personality to take on deep and complex flavours and to win them over with its charm.

Scotch BBQ

Our best selling sauce. North Carolina meets the Highlands and between them, they cook up a mean feat on the smoker.

Think pork. People go mad for this sauce and pour it on to everything from their morning coffee to their Sunday roast. But it really loves pork. 


Our take on the ubiquitous sweet chilli sauce. 

We do it a little different. We use raw cane sugar for depth and flavour, apple cider vinegar for a mild tang, and lots of fresh chillies for a good hard kick. Mix with mayo for sandwiches or add straight into stirfries.

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Brown Sauce - The Classic

Brown sauce is the mutt of the sauce world. It has no pedigree, no sense, and it doesn't behave very well. But like a mutt, put a bit of cheese or cold meat in front of it and it will love you to the very end. Great Northern Larder brown sauce is tangy, fruity, very dark, quite spicy, and full of sharp-tasting apples. It is made to go with a full Irish breakfast, but you haven't had a cheddar cheese sandwich until you have had one dripping with brown sauce.

Chilli - Fresh & Fiery Hot Sauce

This is the sauce that made Great Northern Larder famous. If you like chilli sauce then this will be your favourite. People read the ingredients (all 4 of them) and wonder how we made such a great tasting sauce with no spices, no onions, no garlic, and no herbs. Ha! The secret of making any sauce with just 4 ingredients is to source the best ingredients you can find and to treat them with respect. Lash this sauce onto everything, it deserves your love.

Tomato - Honey Sweetened Ketchup

Rock on up and get you the best catsup this side of the Rocky mountains. This is not a Heinz clone, this is real ketchup and it packs a punch. Not a chilli pepper punch, but a big bold bang of basil, and a fine fist full of fennel. You can dip your chips in this ketchup, and you should, but where it really shines is on eggs, salads, cold meats, and burgers.

Garlic - Garlic & Chilli Hot Sauce

Perfect on wings, fish, pizza, and pasta Great Northern Larder's Garlic Sauce opens your taste buds and blows your mind with a delectable mix of fresh garlic and fresh cayenne peppers. It's not so hot as to be painful, but it is damn tasty.

Scotch BBQ - Our Best Seller

Scotch BBQ presents us with moral and ethical dilemmas. You see we feel obliged to advise you that there are a number of our customers who are completely and utterly addicted to this condiment. We have heard stories of people on a massive sugar high strung out on Scotch BBQ just repeatedly saying the word "pork". It takes over whole families, starting with middle-aged men who like to BBQ. However, within a week grannies are putting it on their ham, grandkids are dipping their nuggets in it, and the trendy ladies who lunch are pretending to be sticking to Slimming World whilst secretly upending Scotch BBQ onto their prawn sandwiches.

Plum - A Violent Chilli & Fruit Sauce

If this sauce had a personality it would be the raving lunatic in a 1970's maverick cop thriller such as Dirty Harry. You know the guy, blonde hair, weird scars, live with his mammy, chops up women at night. Like our bad guy, this sauce has an intriguing look, it draws you in, it is all purple and sweet and pretty. Even when you first taste it, you will enjoy a mild plumminess with just a tiny hint of something a little evil lurking in the background. That's the faint aroma and taste of Scotch Bonnet - a pepper that smells like it has been hiding in the wardrobe waiting for you to come home. And then it attacks. And it attacks. And it attacks. Are you feeling lucky punk?

Sweet - The Best Sweet Chilli Sauce

Any idiot can make sweet chilli sauce. You simply mix the cheapest white sugar with the cheapest white vinegar and some dried chilli flakes. The add a bucket load of chemicals for 30-year shelf life and sell it by the truck load. However, it takes a special kind of idiot to make sweet chilli sauce from expensive raw cane sugar, fresh European chillies, fermented European garlic, and Irish apple cider vinegar. We are that idiot and this is the best sweet chilli sauce in existence.

Fury - Very Hot Chilli Sauce

Do you think you can take the heat? Fury takes the burn to the next level with a tasty mixture of cayenne, scotch bonnet, ghost, and reaper peppers. Apart from a specially chosen blend of fresh hot chilli peppers, we have added nothing to this sauce except Irish apple cider vinegar, fresh Irish carrots for body and sweetness, and a pinch of Oriel Irish Sea Salt.

The Full Range

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