Dan Kelly's Cider

During the late 1880's in Clonmain, Co.Armagh, Michael McNeece planted a Bramley orchard as part of his small farm. One of his sons, Patrick, went on to buy his own farm in Annaghmore, Co.Armagh and once again planted Bramleys in 1933. In 1962, one of his sons, Gerard, (you can see where this is going can't you) bought a farm in Drogheda and planted Bramleys just like his father before him. As Gerard and Joan's children and the fourth generation of apple growers the McNeece family now operate Stagrennan Farm.

Stagrennan Farm is situated on the banks of the Boyne, just south of the medieval town of Drogheda. Straddling the counties of Meath and Louth, it is home to over 80 acres of apple trees, with Bramleys accounting for the bulk of the crop. Their orchard operations are based around a minimum of interference with nature's way. They also follow integrated pest management to allow natural predators to do away with harmful pests.

Stagrennan Farm provides a wonderful habitat for all sorts of wild animals and flowers to thrive. On a stroll around the farm you're likely to encounter rabbits, hares, badgers, squirrels, foxes, pheasants, ducks, buzzards, cranes and many many more as well as lots of different species of wildflower. Great Northern Larder source all our apple cider vinegar for our sauces from Stagrennan Farm AKA Dan Kelly's Cider.

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Stameen Farm Apple Juice 250ml

100% natural pressed apple juice from the banks of the Boyne in County Louth.

Unpasteurised Irish Apple Cider Vinegar

Made with Irish apples from Stagrennan Farm in Drogheda, Co. Louth, this 100% natural Irish Apple Cider Vinegar contains "The Mother" - the raw unpasteurised bacteria that turns the apple juice into apple cider vinegar.