Freebird is a Loose Leaf Tea company launched in 2016 by Karen Alexander, Owen Crane and Denise Lauaki. They made it their mission to source the best tea in the world and blend amazing flavours together.

The name ‘Freebird’ is really attributed to their belief in being free – living free – not held back by anything but living as full a life as we can. Unfortunately, that is not always the case for people. Life is tough. Some people are trapped in circumstances that cage them, whether that’s financial, relational, poor choices made in the past or they find themselves in a place so horrific it’s hard to even put into words. So right from the beginning Freebird decided that they wanted to help ‘free’ those people by donating profits from the business to charities.


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Irish Breakfast Tea

The jewel in the crown for tea all around the world, if you like to start your day with a good strong cup of tea, this Irish Breakfast tea is just what you’re looking for!