Frequently Asked Questions



Do you ship worldwide?

We do. We get volume discounts on airmail shipping from the Irish post office and we charge you exactly what it costs us to post your order to anywhere in the world. Click here for our postage charges. 


What if my order arrives and something is broken?

Unfortunately, we do get breakages. It is a hard act to balance the cost (economic and environmental) of packaging against the risk of breakage. We also can't insure our parcels as they usually contain glass. So occasionally an order does arrive broken. Please be very careful with broken glass and contact us for a replacement or refund.


Food Quality


What shelf life do our products have?

We try to get the longest possible shelf life from our suppliers. Every product is different, but most jams, chutneys, preserves, and sauces will have at least 6 months and possibly up to 2 years. Some products such as smoked salmon have a short shelf life (3 weeks) but we make that clear on the product description page.


How do we know the food we sell is good quality?

We know almost all our suppliers personally. Food standards in Ireland are generally extremely high anyway and all producers are checked and regulated by the local health authorities. We don't make judgements on what is healthy on unhealthy - some of the products we sell are high in fat or sugar and some have artificial ingredients. We are trying to source high-quality local food that tastes great. Almost all products on this site show the ingredients and allergen information so you can decide for yourself what suits your diet and health concerns.


Do you do gluten free or "free-from" products?

Yes - you can use the tags on each product to find products that are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, etc. We try our best to interpret each product and its ingredients and to tag them carefully, but if you have allergies please double check the product label and/or ask us for advice.