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Gullion's Ghost

Manufacturer: Great Northern Larder
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A fermented hot sauce made with ghost chillies, habanero chillies, Irish cider vinegar, and Irish carrots. We sincerely believe this to be the hottest 100% natural chilli sauce in the world.

Fermented Hot Sauce

We aimed to create the hottest hot sauce in the world that is made with all natural ingredients. We never used any chemicals or artificial ingredients in any of our sauces so chilli extract was not an option. Instead we use Bhut Jalokia or "Ghost" chillies imported from India. 

We mix the ghost chillies with habanero: a very hot chilli with lots of flavour, fresh onions, fresh Irish garlic, fresh Irish carrots, Oriel Natural Irish Sea Salt, raw cane sugar, and Ballygowan Irish spring water. The sea salt kills all bacteria apart from Lactobacillus which is a superhero bacteria that we need to help us make Gullion's Ghost.

We leave the mixture to ferment for 4 - 12 weeks. Fermentation is a process whereby the Lactobacillus bacteria turns sugar (including the natural sugars in the carrots and peppers) into lactic acid. This acid preserves the ingredients in the same way as the apple cider vinegar (also an acid) that we use in all our other sauces.

The fermentation process also produces a rich deep flavour - in the same way as a mature cheddar is richer and deeper in flavour than a mild cheddar.

After 4 - 12 weeks we gently simmer and blend the mixture. This kills off all the remaining bacteria and stops the fermentation process. We then bottle the mixture into sterile bottles, ready to sell.

Each batch of Gullion's Ghost produces just 15 x 100ml bottles and each batch contains a very large amount of very expensive ghost peppers. Occasionally a batch fails to ferment as expected. That is why Gullion's Ghost is a very specialist sauce that is only for true connoisseurs of hot sauce. We genuinely believe this to be the hottest sauce that you can buy that is made from real peppers and not chemical extracts.

Batch History

Vincent (Batch Id: G4) SOLD OUT

Started Fermentation 8th November 2018, bottled 9th December 2018 in 250ml bottles. Only 8 bottles in this batch. This was a shorter ferment to to the warmer indoor heating at this time of year.

Named in honour of the girls of St. Vincent's Secondary School in Dundalk as this sauce was made as part of a demo we did for them on "fermentation". Will as always be a small batch of 15 or so bottles. If you order today you will reserve one of these bottles.

Dirty Den (Batch Id: G3) SOLD OUT

Started Fermentation June 15th, 2018, Bottled 12th August, 2018

Named in honour of Leslie Grantham who died on the day we started to make this sauce. 

Dirty Den is a small batch of 15 bottles. As a summer ferment it was very well fermented and full of flavour.

Dolores (Batch Id: G2) SOLD OUT

Started Fermentation January 15th, 2018, Bottled 8th March, 2018

Named in honour of Dolores O'Riordan who sadly died on the day we started to make this sauce. Dolores is the result of lots of reading and experimentation with fermentation since we made Colin. A much much hotter sauce with a very tangy and bitter taste from the fermentation (meaning that all the sugar was turned to acid), Dolores is our most complex sauce to date. A tiny match head sized drop of this batch on your tongue is enough to bring many people to tears.

Dolores is a small batch of 15 bottles. Each bottle is numbered and presented in a flip-top glass bottle with custom-made wooden dog tags that display the unique bottle number and the batch name "Dolores". Each bottle is numbered and only 15 are available. Every batch of Gullion's Ghost is unique, and like its namesake, there will never be another Dolores.

Colin (Batch Id: G1) SOLD OUT

Fermented and Bottled in November, 2017

Colin was our first ever batch of Gullion's Ghost and was sold exclusively on our market stall. Colin was a relatively mild batch (even if it was the hottest we ever made at that time) and we used apple cider vinegar instead of the lactic acid produced during the fermentation. Colin is now sold out.

About the Name

Gullion is the giant that sleeps on the volcanic Slieve Gullion in County Armagh. We can see him snoozing from our front window. Sometimes though, in the dead of winter, a black cloud gathers over Gullion and the sleeping giant looks like he has just woken up in a foul mood. The mist slowly descends down the steep slopes and drifts out westwards over Carlingford Lough and the old town of Newry. It's cold and dark inside that mist, but you can't help wondering if in times past the cold sweet fog came down off the hill just before the spewing hot lava. In that thought lies Gullion's Ghost - a hot sauce that embraces your taste buds with a cool and aromatic sweetness that is almost immediately followed by a searing and intense heat which seems to come from everywhere at once.

Guillion's Ghost is gluten-free, is very low in fat, and has very little sugar (the sugar has been turned into lactic acid).

Nutrition and Weight

Ingredients When Prepared

Water, Mixed Chillies, Carrots, Onions, Garlic, Salt, Sugar

Please be aware that fermentation creates lactic acid from sugar so the ingredients of the finished product are not the same. The sauce is cooked to stop fermentation and to kill all bacteria.


Nutritional Information - Typical Values Per 100g

Energy: 107kJ / 26kcal
Fat: 0.3g
    of which saturates: 0.1g
Carbohydrate: 3.5
    of which sugar: 3.4
Protein: 1.1
Salt: 0.8
Net Weight: 114g
Volume: 100ml
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