Gullion's Ghost - The New Batch

Monday, January 15, 2018

It's been a very slow start to production in GNL towers in 2018, but today we made up a batch of Gullion's Ghost. A few secret spices, Irish red onions, Irish carrots, raw cane sugar, and a ridiculous amount of very expensive ghost chillies are sitting in a brine made with Irish sea salt.

And there it will continue to sit for the next 6 weeks or longer until it is well fermented and giving off some very stinky and eye wateringly hot fumes. We will then add our crisp and clean apple cider vinegar from Drogheda and we will carefully bottle the sauce into jars whilst wearing asbestos lined gloves. It's a lot of work for 15 small jars of sauce, but it probably is the most flavoursome hot sauce on the planet.

Hmm. Stinky sauce that causes skin burns. What a sales pitch!

We always give our Gullion's Ghost fermentation a name. The last one one was Colin, but batch 63 is going to be called Dolores in honour of the Queen of Limerick who died today. R.I.P. See you again in 6 weeks for bottling!

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