Exclusive House Blend Coffee 500g

Fabricant: Koffy
Our best selling coffee and a great all rounder. This is your "go-to" coffee when you just want a really good fresh medium strength coffee.

If you are stopping in Dundalk for coffee the chances are you are going to be served a Koffy Coffee. William and Tony in coffee are master roasters and have over 40 years roasting experience between them. When Laura and I started looking for coffee to sell through GNL we visited about 20 roasters and Koffy stood out above the rest. The guys are unassuming, and they really know their beans. They work with the seasons and they hand roast each batch to perfection.

The Koffy roastery is based in Flurrybridge, which is right on the border just north of Dundalk. You can visit any time and if you do you will see an environmentally friendly roasting setup and bags of coffee that are destined for some of the biggest names in Irish hospitality.

The GNL house blend is our favourite coffee. We wanted to really like a single farm coffee from the slopes of a mountain in Tanzania that was owned by a one-eyed white witch who fed the coffee beans to her cat and then roasted them when they came back out again (this happens!). But at the end of the day we keep coming back to this nice and smooth coffee shop blend.

House Blend contains 9 roasts and William and Tony vary the recipe according to the time of year and the beans they receive from the coffee merchants. We think house blend tastes best from a drip machine, but it is also great from a French press, espresso machine, or a V60.

We try to ship this coffee as fresh as possible and if you want to keep it really fresh then put it in the freezer in an airtight container. It will keep pretty much forever.

Pick up a bag today - we guarantee you will love it as much as we do.

Spécifications des produits
Weight 500g
Awards Koffy have been awarded multiple gold medals at The Guild of Fine Foods Awards
Vegan Yes
Vegan Yes
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