Oriel Natural Mineral Sea Salt

Fabricant: Oriel Sea Salt
Irish sea salt that is naturally low in sodium and high in minerals. Chefs love this salt because you get more flavour with less of it. We use it all the time for brining and salting meat for smoking or bbq. We have also made bacon with it and we use it for cooking every day.

This is a slightly moist mineral sea salt which simply crumbles between your fingers. More suited for the foodie who loves to pinch. This is addictive stuff that elevates your food.

  • Powerful taste profile with deep mineral after tones.
  • Lower Sodium plus you use less - up to 25% reduction.
  • Fine Grain powder like texture dissolves & disperses rapidly.
  • Perfect Ingredient Sea Salt of a quality to match the best of your ingredients. Why compromise?
  • Smooth non-oxidised flavour is embraced by food.
  • Healthier – More minerals, lower Sodium and use less.
  • No Additives, Sea Salt as nature intended.
  • Totally Irish – Natural, Pure and Local.

From when Oriel pump ocean water in to their facility until they harvest their Natural Mineral Sea Salt, it is in a sealed pressurised system, so it never comes in contact with the air, thus it is non-oxidised. The result is a pure crystal white sea salt richer in minerals due to the sealed system and with a natural fine powder like grain.


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