Oriel Sea Salt

The history and provenance of Port Oriel is steeped in ancient times and millennia in the making. Oriel Sea Salt & Mineral harvesting works are located on this mesmerising and unspoilt rocky coastline in Clogherhead. A landscape of natural beauty, untouched by development for thousands of years, it is like stepping back in time.

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Oriel Natural Mineral Sea Salt

The perfect sea salt for brining and flavouring meat and fish, and the one we highly recommend you use with our spice rubs. We also use it in all of our sauces.

Oriel Kiln Dried Mineral Sea Salt

The perfect sea salt for the table and for cooking.

Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt Whiskey Smoked

Oriel Mineral Sea Salt infused with Teeling Whiskey and aged oak hits all the senses. A powerful aroma yet smooth intensity of flavour leaves your taste buds looking for more. Allow this flavour to infuse your recipes and food for pure taste sensation. It’s fine grain dissolves and blends rapidly in recipes or finish them with a sprinkle on top, this smoked sea salt elevates steaks, infuses burgers and brings new dimension to your cooking.

BBQ Spice, Salt, & Sauce Pack

Nothing says summer like the smell of a BBQ, and nothing smells as good on the BBQ as our spice rubs and Scotch BBQ sauce. Everything we do is fresh fresh fresh, preserved :-) Is that a contradiction? No - what we mean is that all our spices are as fresh from the spice farm as we can possibly get them, all our sauces are made with fresh vegetables, and we make everything in small batches so as it is fresh when you get it.
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