Oriel Sea Salt, Now in Stock

dimanche 28 janvier 2018
We have never sold a product made by another company before (well except coffee, but that is made specially for us). However, we have both loved Oriel Sea Salt Company for a long time now and we now use it exclusively all of our sauces. We use the Teeling Whiskey Smoked Salt in Scotch BBQ, and a small amount of the Natural Sea Salt in all our other sauces.
We are about to launch our own range of spice rubs for meat and BBQ (they are online now for pre-order). Our spice rubs are salt free so that you can decide for yourself how much salt to use based on the cut of the meat and your own taste. It therefore makes sense that we supply the salt alongside the spice rubs.
You might think sea salt is all the same, but it is not. The way sea salt is made in most countries is by trapping sea water in a pool and allowing the sun to dry it. They then use a tractor to scoop up the remains and transfer them to a factory where they wash and bleach the salt to make it white. They often add chemicals to keep the salt free flowing.
Oriel Sea Salt is made by pumping water from the Irish sea at Clogher Head into stainless steel tanks. From there it is filtered and the water is evaporated. Minerals and other substances are removed using only mechanical means and all that remains is pure white sea salt, untouched by oxygen, chemicals, or human hands. It’s the only non-oxidised mineral sea salt on the planet. Oriel in our opinion is the prefect example of a company using science and technology to make a product as natural and pure as possible.
Oriel Sea Salt comes in 3 varieties. The Natural Sea Salt is put immediately into tubs without any further processing. It is slightly damp and great sprinkled directly on food (perfect with spice rubs). The Kiln Dried is dried in a kiln so it is more free flowing (use it at the table). Our favourite is the Teelings Whiskey Smoked which is oak smoked using old whiskey barrels (use it on and in everything!!).
It's a thing of beauty and it's for sale on our website today. We now have free shipping for all orders over €10 to the UK and ROI.
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