You Had Me At Pork

The pork lovers gift pack. Bring dinner or bbq alive this weekend with Pork Rub, Scotch BBQ, Apple Juice, and Oriel Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt. It will be the best pork you have ever tasted - guaranteed.


Rub the pork with a small amount of Oriel Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt and leave in the fridge for at least an hour to overnight. Then rub with a generous handful of Pork Rub. Grill, pan-fry, roast, or BBQ on medium heat. Keep moist by spritzing or brushing the pork with apple juice as it cooks. When the pork is almost cooked pour over Scotch BBQ and turn up the heat to caramelise the sauce. Rest, and enjoy.


Cookery photos by https://www.instagram.com/grillerkillerbbqdazbrady/

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