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Manufacturer: Great Northern Larder
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Scotch BBQ presents us with moral and ethical dilemmas. You see we feel obliged to advise you that there are a number of our customers who are completely and utterly addicted to this condiment. We have heard stories of people on a massive sugar high strung out on Scotch BBQ just repeatedly saying the word "pork". It takes over whole families, starting with middle-aged men who like to BBQ. However, within a week grannies are putting it on their ham, grandkids are dipping their nuggets in it, and the trendy ladies who lunch are pretending to be sticking to Slimming World whilst secretly upending Scotch BBQ onto their prawn sandwiches.

The last BBQ sauce you will ever need. Great Northern Larder is proud to present our all natural Scotch BBQ, made using Irish Apple Cider Vinegar from the banks of the Boyne River in Co. Louth, our Scotch BBQ is a blend of raw cane sugar, Italian tomatoes, mustard, Scotch Bonnet chilli, Peated Scotch Whisky, and Oriel Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt. This is a thin pouring sauce that is designed for marinading and cooking with, although it has a fanatical following amongst those who dip.

Scotch BBQ is a sweet, sticky and smoky sauce with deep flavours. It transports you immediately to the deep south on a hot summers night with whole hog burning over the grill and bourbon in abundance. Because we use raw cane sugar and black treacle the sweetness is surprisingly dark and in a strange way slightly bitter-sweet.

Scotch BBQ is a marinade – pour it over meat and leave overnight before cooking. It's also a “mop” sauce – mop it onto meat while it is cooking so that it caramelises and creates a nice sweet and hot crust. It’s a sauce – try it straight on burgers, chops, kebabs, chicken goujons, pulled pork, or in sandwiches.

We make Scotch BBQ in very small batches (less than 50 bottles) and all the ingredients are prepared with nothing more than a knife and chopping board. We cook Scotch BBQ on a gentle heat for just under two hours, before the bottles are filled and labelled by hand.

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