Secret Santa Gifts

Shh! If you’re after original Secret Santa gifts or the best Secret Santa ideas, tiptoe right this way. We’ve got some delightful surprises (in the smallest of guises) to make a big impression on colleagues, friends and family members alike. And not from just anywhere, but from Ireland's bestest little sauce company!

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Coffee & Fury Gift Set

A gorgeous and very premium feeling gift box with a bag of Belfast Coffee Roasters artisan coffee and a bottle of GNL Fury (coffee maker not included).

Elf Christmas Gift Pack

Do you feel like you don’t really fit in? Well then, we have the sauces for you. Throw the cranberry in the bin and lash Scotch BBQ all over your bird this festive season.

Bad Santa Christmas Gift Pack

Tis the season to be a fat pig and eat turkey sandwiches for two weeks solid. At least make them taste nice with some serious good sauces.

Scrooged Christmas Gift Pack

Hate the cold? Put chilli sauce on everything from sprouts to mince pies and turn Ballygobackwards into Barbados this Christmas.

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