Sheskin Smoked Salmon

Sheskin smoked salmon is run by husband and wife team Pat and Zoë Armitage, based just outside of Scotstown Co. Monaghan in the townland of Sheskin. Pat and Zoë are trained chefs and successful restaurant entrepreneurs with a keen eye for the food and beverage industry. They moved to Ireland in 2014 and have recently introduced a unique to Ireland, premium, innovative, ready to eat, candied salmon product.

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Sheskin Candied Smoked Salmon

Sheskin Smoked Salmon is Ireland's only hot smoked candied salmon. It is produced by Pat and Zoë Armitage in Sheskin, Co. Monaghan using Native American smoking techniques. This salmon has to be tried. It is all at once smoky, delicate, sweet, savoury, soft, and firm. It has a much firmer texture and a more robust taste than traditional Irish smoked salmon.