Suppliers & Producers

We aim to purchase produce that is grown within 100km of our base in County Louth. Depending on the produce and the season this is not always possible. 

Our most significant ingredient by cost and volume is apples and related produce such as apple juice and apple cider vinegar. We always source these ingredients from growers in Armagh, Louth, Meath, or Dublin. No apple in any of our products has ever travelled further than 80km (50 miles).

Our onions and carrots are supplied by Total Produce in Dundalk and for most of the year they in turn source these vegetables from local Irish farmers in Louth and Meath. Out of season, they are imported from sunnier climates.

Our tomato ketchup uses Boyne Valley honey, a well-known household brand of top quality honey that is sourced from Ireland and abroad.

We are constantly trying to get more and more local in everything we do. It's not just food either. Our packaging, graphic design, printing, etc are all sourced in Ireland using Irish materials in so far as possible.