Tuck Boxes

Tuck boxes take the hamper to the next level. The best Irish food in a bomb proof chest that also looks the bomb. Send one to your foodie BFF in Sydney, your hipster cousin in Croydon, or your best clients in Acme Inc.

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Sauce Tuck Box

This is the motherload. You will never want for flavour again. We have packed a postman proof box with 11 bottles of the world's best sauce and 5 bottles of spice rub (16 bottles in total). You will be grilling, roasting, dipping, pouring. marinating, and eating for many months. You are also saving approximate 20% on the individual purchase cost.

Pitmaster's Tuck Box

If you love to BBQ or you love someone who loves to BBQ then don't you dare leave this page without buying a tuck box of the best BBQ cooking ingredients that you will find anywhere. Whether you grill or smoke, charcoal or wood, these are the ingredients you want to cook with. If you use a gas barbecue then we disrespect you thoroughly and we would like you to now imagine us with our heads tilted back looking down our noses at you. But we'll still take your money.