Local Irish Food Products for Sale Online

samedi 5 janvier 2019

We have been working hard over the last few weeks to secure a range of local suppliers and producers whose products we now sell online. We have stuck to our name by sourcing GREAT producers who are based in the NORTHERN (North of Dublin -> Galway) counties of the island of Ireland and who make best-quality and unique LARDER products. 

We have Kombucha from The Bucha's Dog in Belfast, Cereals and Grain from Felix Cropp in Cavan, Coffee from Koffy in Dundalk/Newry, Smoked Salmon from Sheskin in Monaghan, Biltong also from Monaghan, Dessert Sauces from Down, Jams and Chutneys from Meath, Sea Salt from Louth, and so much more to come.

We are of course still selling our range of sauces and spice rubs. Our plan is that when you do your "big shop" you can go to the supermarket or the greengrocer and butcher for your fresh foods, and eventually we hope to have everything else you need right here. And why? Because we are going to only stock local Irish produce that is better quality that anything made in a factory and that supports local producers and economies around Ireland. We want to have a tiny carbon footprint (no shipping from abroad or lots of plastic packaging) and the best quality products for sale in Ireland.

We are also supporting small producers. We don't require barcodes or big margins. We don't have silly rules about deliveries on a Tuesday at 7am only. We pay producers on time, every time. We use An-Post for deliveries and everything is tracked from our door to yours. Buy and see!

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07/05/2019 13:35
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