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Browne's Sauce

We all love when friends and family are gathered in our kitchen, talking about times past, discussing the gossip from work or the school, and making plans. Businesses are formed at kitchen tables, homework is struggled with, relationships are made and finished, holidays are booked, and people eat.

Food is important to us all. Some of us eat to survive, but most of us are lucky enough to be able to eat for the taste, the experience, and the enjoyment. Great Northern Larder is all about great tasting condiments, preserves, and larder staples. We want to put the best tasting food we can on to your table and into your fridge.

The next time you are standing in your kitchen making a snack for your bestie, or a romantic meal for two, make sure you have something to talk about: the food.

Featured products

Browne's Sauce

Tangy and fruity, beautiful with cheese and meat, and low in salt and sugar. When you taste Browne's Sauce it is familiar, but yet different: it tastes like brown sauce, but it also tastes like proper food made using proper ingredients!


A deep and rich tomato ketchup that is flavoured with Irish garlic and sweetened with honey.

Gullion's Fire

A volcanic hot sauce made with red peppers, hot chillies, Irish cider vinegar, and Irish carrots.

Gullion's Fury

A volcanic hot sauce made with habanero peppers, red peppers, hot chillies, Irish cider vinegar, and Irish carrots. Gullion's Fury is the same tasty and aromatic flavour as Gullion's Fire except it has a lot of extra heat!

Gullion's Garlic

A garlic and chilli hot sauce made with mixed chillies, Irish cider vinegar, garlic, onions, and Irish carrots.

Scotch BBQ

A sweet and smokey BBQ sauce with a nice kick of Scotch bonnet chillies and peated Scotch whiskey.
We will be trading at Dundalk Christmas Market on the 14th, 15th, and 16th December
The good people of Dún Dealgan are always asking us where they can pick up a few bottles of sauce when their supplies run out. We now have a stockist right in the heart of the town in Park Street. Stevie has Browne's Sauce, Ketchup, Gullion's Fire, and a variety of jams and chutneys for you to take away with your coffee.
Brexit and Our Prices -Tuesday, August 15, 2017
We are adjusting our prices to account for the dramatic fall in GBP against EUR recently.